The Rain

People feel different things towards rain. It brings intense excitement to some students because it may bring suspension of classes, while it brings dread to others who love the sun very much.

Despite our insights concerning the rain, no one can argue that it plays a very important role in our lives. It brings both growth and destruction to us. By looking closely, one can observe that it is similar to another important object in our lives, happiness.

People strive to be happy. It is their first impulse and it influences almost all of the decisions they make.

I honestly ask myself the question, “is this going to make me happy?” almost all the time before I make decisions.

Even if we refuse to admit it, do we not all want to be happy at the end of everything?

Now our desire for happiness eventually leads us to the places we will go, the things we will do, the people we will love, and more. Afterwards, the decisions we end up making would determine our future.

Some people allow their happiness to destroy them, just as the raindrops destroy a city by flooding it.

Too much dependence on happiness can lead to an entire life filled with tragedy.

On the other hand, if we choose to enjoy a moderate amount of happiness in our lives, we can build up friendships, relationships and even ourselves, just as a  moderate amount of rainfall waters plants and allows them to grow into beautiful flowers which bees and other insects feed on.

A moderate amount of rainfall allows lovers to dance under it. It brings legitimate joy in our hearts which may last a lifetime.

The rain is the most wonderful yet dreadful thing God has blessed, and continues to bless us with. It is full of danger and darkness and joy and sunshine at the same time. This is why we must be mindful of our decisions all the time.

Choose to experience a moderate amount of rain in your life instead of a typhoon of joy. You will never know what waits upon you in the future so choose to nurture instead of destroy.


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