What Matters Most

Want to know the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in my life?

No, it is not a Tchaikovsky, Beethoven or Debussy composition (but I love the aforementioned composers). It is not the sound you can hear through a music player. It is actually the sound of someone close to my heart speaking passionately of the things that truly matter.

And no again, I am not speaking of a boyfriend or some guy I am infatuated with. The closest people to my heart are actually both my mom and dad and my maternal grandmother, although that is not very surprising.

All my life I have thought that the happiest moments of my life happened when I was travelling or doing something I thought was extraordinary. However, it was only recently when I realized that the happiest moments of my life happened on ordinary days in my ordinary life.

Most of them happened when I was laying in bed beside my grandmother at 2am, listening to her beautiful stories about her childhood, my mom’s childhood, the love story she shared with my grandpa and countless others. They happened when I was alone with my mother in the car, listening to her tell me about her exes and how she ended up marrying my dad. They happened when I was jogging with my dad at 6am, listening to his blissful reminiscences of his prime years.

Listening is actually one of the things people neglect to do in this era. Often times we spend so much time babbling on and on about our own lives, focusing on finding who we are especially at this age, that we neglect to actually hear the beautiful things that we can acquire from the people we often take for granted.

So breathe. Stop talking. Unplug your earphones and actually pay attention. Sometimes, the things that truly matter are actually the ones we consider unimportant. Take the time to hear your parents rant and to listen to your grandparents talk. You’ll never know, maybe who you truly are is hidden beneath who they were.

Thea Zabala


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