What is Love?

It is a question a young woman cannot answer with all certainty. It is a question so commonly asked and has been answered in ways that can never be counted. But what a mere sixteen-year-old can conclude for the short amount of time she has learned about it is that it is the ugliest and most beautiful thing to ever exist, if it even does.

Love stings.
It stings as carbonated drinks do. Right when you are so worn out and thirsty for happiness, it deceits you by quenching your thirst.

It’s like a Hershey Chocolate Bar. Or a gallon of Cookies & Cream Ice Cream.
It leaves you feeling so euphoric that you end up choosing it everyday even when you are fully aware of the danger you are getting yourself into – ex. Diabetes.

It’s a drug. Like marijuana or heroine – not that I’ve ever tried any of those.
You become absolutely addicted to it that you put down all your walls and allow yourself to be completely vulnerable even when you are certain it will leave you broken and scarred when it’s done with you. Almost like a lion who’s done eating the meat of it’s prey.

It’s a nomad.
Just as you are fully drenched in the ecstasy it provides, it retreats and leaves you there. Sick and even occasionally incurable, which seriously sucks. It has no permanent address. It keeps moving from one place to another, not even knowing where to go next. It basically just sucks out the energy out of you, as a leech sucks out one’s blood. Ew.

I guess such is the reality of first loves and teenage love affairs, well for me at least. But what do I know? I’m just an outsider, an observant one though. I sure hope my outlook on love changes the day it actually finds me – not that I’m looking for it or anything – LOL.
Thea Zabala


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