What Matters Most – Part Two

To be happy is what everyone wants to be their entire lives. Despite how embarrassing it is, I have actually even googled “how to be happy” for so many times. Now, the worst thing that I have acquired from the media is that happiness can be accomplished if you are loved and accepted by everyone. It is not surprising for people to spend their lives trying to fit in wherever they go – even I am not an exception to this.

The sad reality is that I am only one of the billion people who believe in the same advocacy I have been living by for the past sixteen years of my life. In fact, oftentimes we are so successful in blending in that we even miss out on knowing what truly fills our heart with joy. It was only recently when I realized that the things that truly matter did not include being nice and being liked by everyone. I had to learn this the hard way but the truth is, I have spent all my life being the nice girl, acquiring countless friends only to realize that I actually only acquired so little of them.

Not saying I am a modern-day Mother Teresa or anything, but my nice-to-everyone self was not loved for who I really was, I was loved for the things I could give people. So I stopped. I learned to accept and RESPECT myself first before thinking about others, you totally should too.

Today, I am surprisingly the happiest I have ever been in my life. Even though I am not the most-liked person in the world – let alone my class, my contentment now can never compare to my acceptance-hungry past self. The reality is, we do not need to have countless friends to be happy. We just need to be friends with ourselves first and then finding the right set of friends soon will follow.

Don’t spend so much time pleasing everyone. You just need to surround yourself with the right set of people, live by the right principles and most importantly, find your satisfaction in the Lord. Surely not everything will go as smoothly as I have just aforesaid and countless trials will certainly hurt but at the end of the journey of finding happiness in the right place, the joy you will acquire will be so overwhelming that you’ll end up forgetting all the hardships you faced just to get there. Believe me, I would know.

Thea Zabala


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