Just a random lunch date with my family

Like a normal teenager, I have ten billion insecurities in the world. I don’t mean to sound like a person who loves to fish for compliments but honestly, I do believe I’m not exactly the most beautiful girl around. I’m fully aware of not being pretty nor ugly. I am average looking, and I am completely fine with that.

So when I catch a random, kinda-good-looking guy at a restaurant secretly take a picture of me, no one can blame me for elevating my ego a little bit because for your information, it is the first time in my entire existence that this has ever happened to me.

I was eating lunch with my family earlier today, and happened to sit beside a family with a good looking son. I did not intend to, but I ended up sitting right beside the person sitting across him (which was his brother), so I obviously got to see him up close. He actually did not look so bad AT ALL (please don’t judge me for checking out random hot strangers in public places).

A little later in the meal, I noticed this unknown cute guy take out his phone and discreetly pointed it at me then BAM his phone made a clicking sound! I was so caught off guard that I basically choked on my food. THEN him-stealing-a-picture-of-my-face was all verified when I clearly heard his brother say something about me which basically made my stomach churn and I could have just died at that moment.

To make things even worse (or better), when I went out of the wash room later, he was waiting for his turn in the men’s room then HE SMILED AT ME. He had this apologetic and sheepish smile on, kind of admitting what happened earlier AND apologizing for it. Being the stupid girl that I am, I walked as fast as I possibly could back to my seat and never looked in his direction again.

I don’t think I will ever forget that moment. Ever.  Frankly, I don’t even remember how the boy looked like that much anymore but what I do recall quite clearly is what I acquired from that experience.

I’d like to believe that the Lord allowed that to happen because he wants me to swift away from my insecurities. He used it for me to realize that my lack of faith in myself only extends up to myself – or maybe a few other people too – and it doesn’t really matter.

My lack of height, lack of curves and big nose are only a few of the thousands of flaws I see in my physical appearance. Obviously, every single human being in the world feels the same way about themselves. I bet even Megan Fox hates at least one thing about herself. But the thing is, we are the only ones who actually see those flaws.

The truth is, even though there are some people who can’t see it, there are other great people who will come into your life at the right time who will value everything about you. While you see your lack of curves, somebody else sees how beautifully slim you are. While you see your frizzy hair, somebody else sees how unique and exquisite your hair looks on you.

You better stop whining and complaining about what you look and don’t look like. If certain people do not see how attractive you truly are, then that only means either they have astigmatism, are literally blind OR are worthless jerks who need not even exist in this world; it really is pointless to waste your time on people like that, no matter how many they may seem to be.

Thea Zabala


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