Why People Need to Stop Complaining About School

During my sophomore year in high school, there was a time when I did not sleep nor take a bath for FOUR STRAIGHT DAYS, my system simply running on caffeine, in order to meet deadlines and ace my exams. Embarrassing and disgusting as that may be, it’s a hundred percent true and it happened just a year ago.

Now, I didn’t just reveal one of my darkest secrets in order to humiliate myself and show the world how unhygienic and unbelievably gross I was that time – I’m sharing that fact because even though that happened, I didn’t have an emotional breakdown nor cried even once when that happened.

While I was busy working my butt off back then (and sleeping in some of my classes too), I knew people who busied themselves by complaining and ranting and whining about how school was too stressful and how they could not handle the workload given to them anymore.

Up until now, I know people who simply blames everything and everyone else as to why they can’t meet deadlines, why they’re failing their subjects, etc. But by looking really closely (like legit deep down there type of close), one would notice that the only person to blame for it would be the complainer him/herself.

Honestly, I’m not an overachiever or even one of the smart kids so no one can argue that life has been easy for me in the academic department. Even if that’s the case, I still love coming to school because I get to learn and improve myself in different ways, even if that included learning a subject I don’t want to learn about.

Not saying I’m a saint or anything, I also complain occasionally about school because I hate waking up early in the morning, wearing a uniform and having to learn about the history of the Catholic church because I go to a Catholic school. I complain too and I don’t even meet my deadlines all the time + I might be failing my Christian Living class (and yes, of all the subjects I possibly could be failing, WHY CHRISTIAN LIVING? How stupid do you have to be to fail CHRISTIAN LIVING?).

So you see, I am not the perfect student who never complains and who is such a good girl and who never does anything wrong because I don’t even obey the rules all the time.

Despite that, I know and I see the relevance of everything I am learning about. This, I believe, is what everyone needs to do and see as well. No, the educational system and the subjects we learn are not useless and stupid. They are needed in order for us to be molded into well-educated human beings, fully equipped with the right values, right dispositions, and knowledge.

So before you start complaining, start doing your obligations first. If you’re crying because you had to sleep at three a.m. just to finish a paper, BITE ME. Use your brains, people. If you’re already having emotional breakdowns at this point in your life, how can you possibly handle the difficulties of working in a legitimate company and feeding yourself? Man up and do something about your issues instead of pointing fingers at people who only want the best for you.


4 thoughts on “Why People Need to Stop Complaining About School

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! So many of my classmates complain about the amount of work given to them. Honestly, it’s just preparing us for our future in one way or another. I’m tired of hearing others complain and wish they would just do their work!

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      1. Glad you got to relate to my post!! I totally thought people would hate me for it. Haha! Hope you enjoy the entirety of my blog too, God bless!

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