Pre-Prom Journal: A Dork’s Take on a Night of Fancy Dresses, High Heels and Slow Dancing

For the longest time of my life (meaning 10 years & younger), my idea of the perfect night would be exactly what is written above: a night of fancy dresses, high heels & slow dancing – with the addition of a perfect dancing partner too. I can bet on your dog’s life that majority of the population of little girls today share the same lifelong dream.

And now, the closest thing to that ‘perfect’ night is going to happen – my junior prom. But let me tell you, my perception of a perfect night is now very far from my younger self’s lifelong dream.

At the beginning of the year, to be honest, I told my parents that I did not want to participate in the event. I kind of felt like it was something that was far from who I am. I am now  the type of person who prefers watching movies all night and reading books instead of interacting with people. So dancing is a bit of a negative topic for me – I love to dance but I suck at it. You get the point.

But guess what? My freaking DAD said to me, “it’s a once in a lifetime experience, Thea. You have to go.” Of all people, it was my father who argued with me and said those words. And let me tell you, my dad is the last person in the world who would ever approve of any of his daughters attending any event that included boy-girl interaction. In addition to forcing my attendance, he was the one who insisted I go with a date (besides my awesome sisters). To make the long story short, I am now attending the prom wearing a dress and (dreadfully) high heels.

Because of the aforementioned, I started really feeling the prom vibes. Shamefully though, I cannot deny that I am more into it than your average teenage girly girl. I cannot believe that I am actually looking forward to it now. For some apparent reason, my long gone ten-year-old self has resurrected and has taken over the entirety of my being.

It’s craaazy, believe me.

I realize now that I may have grown and changed a bit, but the truth of who I am will forever be present. Even if my relatives believe I’m a dork, even if my mom thinks I have the worst fashion sense and even if I have a keen interest on cars and Call of Duty, I still am a young woman consisting of XX Chromosomes and a uterus.

I can still (somehow) like pink, make-up, dressing up and high heels. I can still believe in fairy tales and dream of being a princess – no matter how old I could get. I can still defy gravity and join the mainstream, which is something out of character, to be honest.

If you’re already a girly girl then, congratulations and good for you. But if you’re just like me – kind of boyish, geeky and prefers watching Fast & Furious over Mean Girls, sometimes you have to embrace your womanhood. I guess it truly is impossible to run away from it forever – at some point, it’s going to come out of your system whether you want it to or not.

So when it does, don’t hide from it. Embrace it, instead. It’s okay to just let go and allow yourself to be girlified (yes, that word is nonexistent but I hope you get what it means). It’s okay to be girly and it most certainly is more okay to love being one. Set down the barriers you have set for yourself – I’ve done it and so far, it’s awesome.

Thea Zabala


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