GooglePH Takes A Stand Against Cyberbullying: The WebrangersPH Campaign

11352503_10200782884930145_1396235291_n In partnership with the National Youth Commission of the Philippines, Google Philippines hosted a workshop against cyberbullying last July 18, 2015. A total number of 50 Filipino students, with ages ranging from 14-21 years old had the privilege of attending the workshop. The event was held from 10am to 5pm at Fullybooked in Bonifacio Global City. The event featured several commendable people who stood up and took their chances.

It was opened by Google Philippines’ Country Marketing Manager Mr. Ryan Morales who spoke about creativity and innovation. Mr. Morales spiked the Filipino youth to pursue innovation by connecting their ideas to both the needs and the wants of the people.


This is a photo of myself with Mr. Earl Saavedra of NYC

National Youth Commissioner Mr. Earl Saavedra continued by sharing certain statistical proof that cyberbullying is actually a big societal issue being faced by Filipino teens today. His youthfulness energized the teenagers, raised their societal awareness and inspired them to make their move. He ended his speech with the very moving question,


Mr. Budjette Tan, the writer of bestselling comic book Trese also spoke on the event, sharing his own personal struggles with bullying. Mr. Tan experienced a bad dose of cyberbullying before Trese was famous; he shared of how some people thought that his comic book was “lame” and “baduy.” Although this was a difficult time in his life, Mr. Tan continued with his bright idea. Several years past, Trese is now one of the bestselling local comic books in the country.


This is a photo of myself with Mr. Carlo Ople, founder of tech website

“IGNORE, RECORD, REPORT,” was Mr. Carlo Ople’s primary advice to people who have been victimized by bullying. A former victim of the crime, Mr. Ople displayed resilience by being brave in the face of these bullies. He learned to stand up for himself and is now encouraging teenagers and fellow victims to do the same.


This is a candid photo of Ms. Merlee Jayme before her speech began.

DM9 JaymeSyfu Chair and Chief Creative Officer Ms. Merlee Jayme, one of my favorite speakers of the day, moved the youth present with the statement,

Changing the World: One Idea at a Time

Being the first Filipino to bag an award at the Cannes Festival, Ms. Jayme spoke about starting within and creating an impact in the world we lived in. Her speech included the following memorable and valuable steps in order to achieve a campaign:

  1. Start with yourself by identifying a problem you believe in and research about it. Make it original and make it yours.
  2. A great idea and a great medium should be established in order to conceptualize a great vision.
  3. Social experiments will help you grasp the public’s view of your subject matter.

She showed us past successful campaigns such as the Bury the Past campaign by Gabriela and the Smart Storybooks created by Smart Communications for the poor. Her speech ended the entire event with a bang as she inspired each and everyone of us to really maximize our potential, just as she did.


This is a photo of Mr. Ryan Morales, Ms. Gail Tan, Mr. Alex Long, Mr. Earl Saavedra and Ms. Helena Lersch

(left to right)

The WebrangersPH workshop was only the beginning of the campaign as the 50 Filipino students chosen to participate were also qualified to participate in the WebrangersPH campaign contest. They were grouped and were tasked to create their own campaigns in order to stop Cyberbullying.


This is a photo of myself and a few of my schoolmates with Mr. Alex Long, from Google Asia Pacific

Public Policy and Government Relations

This event, however, proves that Google is more than just an innovative company. Google is a company with a heart. To learn more about this project, visit the WebrangersPH website.

  • UPDATE (Sept. 4, 2015): The WebrangersPH Campaign 2015 ended last Aug. 20, 2015. Here is the summary video if you are interested:

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