#PrayForAlma: Why Filipinos Should Not Pity The Aspiring Senator


The now viral interview of current Councilor and aspiring Senator Alma Moreno caused a great uproar in the internet. Although a huge number of Filipinos have bashed the woman, another significant number of people have shown pity towards her as well.

I don’t mean to be a heartless know-it-all or anything but being a Filipino (and a registered voter, too), I think I’m obligated to show utmost disgust and anger towards Councilor Alma Moreno.

She is only one of the many celebrities-turned-politicians we have today who have used their fame to trick the Filipino people into voting for them although they know nothing about governing the country itself.

I may be just a 17-year-old who knows not much about politics or social issues but I, at the very least, know enough about the R. H. Law, the Anti Political Dynasty bill and the Bangsamoro Basic Law to be able to provide a decent response to Karen Davila’s questions. And I’m not even that smart.

In a recent interview, GMA News said,

Moreno admitted she might not be as well-read and intelligent as other politicians, but said that does not make her less of a genuine public servant.

And that is the most overly used statement of aspiring politicians who know not much about the social issues surrounding the nation. People should not believe that because how can a senator create decent and beneficial laws if he/she doesn’t even know what laws we actually have?

Moreover, she explains that she’s with political party UNA because she is close with the other members of the said party. At the very least, she could’ve mentioned a certain issue the party aims to solve or something.. not just because she’s (apparently) close with its members. And she doesn’t even know that we have an actual law against rape!

That just proves how unfit for the office this woman is.

And Andres Bonifacio is not even a valid counterargument anymore. He was not a well-educated man because obtaining education during his time was almost impossible for Filipinos then but now? The internet exists already, people.

That is the problem with the Filipino people. We vote for people with famous names and trust people we shouldn’t trust because of our pusong mamon as others would call it. But that’s the thing, we need to stop being softies and to start using our brains for a change.

This is not even a form of discrimination against the uneducated; it’s about knowing your limits and doing things that you’re capable of.

Alma Moreno, Richard Gomez, Manny Pacquiao, Lucy Torres-Gomez, Aga Muhlach, Marjorie Barretto and the list goes on and on. These are only a few of the people Filipinos have elected just because they’re celebrities. Unless they graduated with a degree in Political Science or Public Administration, these people are unfit to govern the nation.

And side note: Manny Pacquiao may have studied before running as a congressman but he has the most absences in the house of representatives. Seriously.

I feel really bad for our country because the Comelec does not require much from candidates besides them being Filipino (AND GRACE POE CAN’T EVEN ABIDE BY IT). I think we need to upgrade the standards required from our candidates to ensure their eligibility and capability to be a part of the government.

To Alma Moreno, I hope you take this as a sign to withdraw from your candidacy because you are not fit for the senatorial office. #PrayForAlma


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