Who I Am

Hi! I’m Thea Zabala, an average teenager loved by the Lord.

I aspire to become a writer someday – but I’m not certain of what kind. Hence, Driftless. I believe that blogging is the first step to achieving that goal.

With all sincerity, I do not possess admirable qualities to showcase nor countless achievements to brag about. I am not exemplary; I honestly do not have noticeable skills I excel in nor interesting experiences to share.

However, I am blessed with a burning passion for writing. It is one of the very few things in life I could go on all day doing without feeling even the least bit of exhaustion afterwards.

My love for writing is the core reason of why I decided to start Driftless. To me, the made-up word “driftless” means to be in constant motion without any particular destination in mind.

In this blog, you will find articles, essays, journal entries and more concerning anything and everything in existence. It will be filled with the most random things, some with motives and some with none, yet in general, it aims to imprint something or anything in the heart of it’s readers.

I am starting this blog in order to share God’s gift to me of being a passionate writer. I pray that everything in here would all be for His glory. Hopefully, you, also, will be blessed with whatever subject the Lord imposes in my heart to share.


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