Dear Student: What To Do When You Like Someone

Just a very timely & beautiful reminder that in your brokenness, you are not alone.

It’s so relieving to know that there is someone in the world who has felt and experienced the exact same thing I am experiencing & that I can learn from her.

To the author of this post, you are a blessing! Much thanks for the wonderful & undoubtedly inspiring insight. 🙂💕

Sharing the love I received!

Dear Student,

I have something to say first, because maybe you have heard from some people that you should not like someone. Maybe you’ve been told that you’re too young to develop such attraction. I’ve had a lot of voices like that in my life. I grew up feeling condemned and sinful whenever I had a crush on someone because there were those who told me that I shouldn’t be having any crush at all. Having a crush meant I wasn’t fixated enough on God. Liking someone meant I would be distracted from God. Admiring meant I would be sinning emotionally. (If you have never heard these statements before in your life, you can skip ahead to the numerated part of this post).

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand where they were coming from and I appreciate the heart behind it. However, experiences like those left me scarred, dubious…

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I love you, but I’m not waiting for you.

A few days back, I stumbled upon this blog post on Facebook. Although I cannot relate to the sentiments of the writer as of now, I’m pretty sure my time will come one day. I just thought it would be nice to leave this here for anybody who might find it as beautiful as I did!

charlene manalang


Dear Friend,

From telling you simple greetings like “Good morning” and “Good night” to random things like what I’m doing, where I’m going and who I’m with, all the way down to my deepest emotions, fears and desires, I have devolved into just saying “Hello” and mostly “Good bye.”

I used to tell you everything.

There are so many things I want to tell you. From the most random things like I cried while watching ‘Finding Dory’ and I cried more while watching ‘Me Before You’ down to the most blissful things like I’m becoming a better writer, singer, daughter, sister, discipler, disciple, servant and friend, I want to tell you everything.

There are so many questions I want to ask you. From the most generic questions like “Have you eaten?” “What are you doing?” and “How was your day?” down to the most difficult questions like “Are you okay?”…

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#PrayForAlma: Why Filipinos Should Not Pity The Aspiring Senator


The now viral interview of current Councilor and aspiring Senator Alma Moreno caused a great uproar in the internet. Although a huge number of Filipinos have bashed the woman, another significant number of people have shown pity towards her as well.

I don’t mean to be a heartless know-it-all or anything but being a Filipino (and a registered voter, too), I think I’m obligated to show utmost disgust and anger towards Councilor Alma Moreno.

She is only one of the many celebrities-turned-politicians we have today who have used their fame to trick the Filipino people into voting for them although they know nothing about governing the country itself.

I may be just a 17-year-old who knows not much about politics or social issues but I, at the very least, know enough about the R. H. Law, the Anti Political Dynasty bill and the Bangsamoro Basic Law to be able to provide a decent response to Karen Davila’s questions. And I’m not even that smart.

In a recent interview, GMA News said,

Moreno admitted she might not be as well-read and intelligent as other politicians, but said that does not make her less of a genuine public servant.

And that is the most overly used statement of aspiring politicians who know not much about the social issues surrounding the nation. People should not believe that because how can a senator create decent and beneficial laws if he/she doesn’t even know what laws we actually have?

Moreover, she explains that she’s with political party UNA because she is close with the other members of the said party. At the very least, she could’ve mentioned a certain issue the party aims to solve or something.. not just because she’s (apparently) close with its members. And she doesn’t even know that we have an actual law against rape!

That just proves how unfit for the office this woman is.

And Andres Bonifacio is not even a valid counterargument anymore. He was not a well-educated man because obtaining education during his time was almost impossible for Filipinos then but now? The internet exists already, people.

That is the problem with the Filipino people. We vote for people with famous names and trust people we shouldn’t trust because of our pusong mamon as others would call it. But that’s the thing, we need to stop being softies and to start using our brains for a change.

This is not even a form of discrimination against the uneducated; it’s about knowing your limits and doing things that you’re capable of.

Alma Moreno, Richard Gomez, Manny Pacquiao, Lucy Torres-Gomez, Aga Muhlach, Marjorie Barretto and the list goes on and on. These are only a few of the people Filipinos have elected just because they’re celebrities. Unless they graduated with a degree in Political Science or Public Administration, these people are unfit to govern the nation.

And side note: Manny Pacquiao may have studied before running as a congressman but he has the most absences in the house of representatives. Seriously.

I feel really bad for our country because the Comelec does not require much from candidates besides them being Filipino (AND GRACE POE CAN’T EVEN ABIDE BY IT). I think we need to upgrade the standards required from our candidates to ensure their eligibility and capability to be a part of the government.

To Alma Moreno, I hope you take this as a sign to withdraw from your candidacy because you are not fit for the senatorial office. #PrayForAlma

17 Things You Need To Do If You’re a 17-year-old Hopeless Romantic

Living in the Philippines, we all know that Nov. 17-20 is APEC week and what do teenagers do when they’re given an entire week of no school? Overachievers finish their school work early, normal people go out but single and hopeless romantic teenage girls (like myself) spend their time finishing films, shows and books that would remind themselves of their lonely lives being alone. Or is it just me?

Not that I’m being overly dramatic or anything but let’s face it: being a single teenager in a world filled with teenagers paired with other teenagers can be pretty difficult. Although I try not to dwell on my loneliness most of the time, I still like to feed my imaginations with impossible scenarios of true love and other silly things occasionally.

So if you’re like me: single but not ready to mingle (because duh, priorities), I hope you join me in my quest of dwelling on my singleness and delusional dreams. This list is filled with the things I like to do whenever I want to emote and be sad (even when there’s nothing to be sad about, really). Enjoy!

  1. Read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and P. S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han (YES, both books!).


(Image source:

Believe it or not, Lara Jean Song Covey is the most relatable (fictional) human being I have ever discovered in this lifetime. If you’re in high school and if you are so used to loving people from afar (like me) then this book is definitely for you. Fall in and out and in love again as you read through both books. It will be WORTH it.

2. Watch Everyday I Love You (Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano)


(Image source:,_I_Love_You.jpg_)

From the teasers to the actual film, Everyday I Love You satisfied all my expectations of what and how a kilig movie should be like. I wanted to murder Liza Soberano at one point because she was a bit anti-feminist but still, the movie was awesome. Yes, it will awaken your why-am-I-alone spirit and it will make you fall in love with Ethan freaking Alfaro. Enough said.

3. Watch Got 2 Believe (Claudine Barretto, Rico Yan)


(Image source:

Although this is an old movie, I promise that it’s worth watching. If you’re a hopeless romantic who really believes that no love will ever come to your life anymore, this is the movie for you.

4. Watch A Very Special Love, You Changed My Life and It Takes a Man and a Woman (John Lloyd Cruz, Sarah Geronimo)


(Image source:

Self-explanatory, I know. But if you live under a rock and you’ve never heard of this trilogy, it’s amazing. Yes, you have to watch ALL THREE FILMS to follow the love story of Laida Magtalas and Miggy Montenegro and to fall in love with John Lloyd Cruz over and over again.

5. Have an #Aldub marathon on YouTube


(Image source:

ALDUB. That’s enough reason. Bye.

6. Watch She’s Dating The Gangster


(Image source:

I’ve never been a Kathniel fan so at first I didn’t like this film. I didn’t want to watch it until my sister Gail told me to watch it with her. I’m telling you, you’ll forgive Kathryn Bernardo’s pabebe acting for the sake of the hardcore kilig and tears this film will bring you. Must watch.

7. Have a Taylor Swift music video marathon on YouTube


(Image source:

Taylor Swift’s music videos are everything. My personal favorite is You Belong With Me (hence, the photo) but all the other ones are all so kilig worthy as well. I mean, she features the hottest boys in the most heart-wrenching story lines. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

8. Watch My Love From The Star (Yes, from episodes 1-24!)


(Image source:

Okay, I know the alien stuff may seem weird and it is a Korean show BUT it’s not what you think. I swear. This koreanovela legit made me laugh, cry and feel all sorts of giddy in a span of 2 days. Yes, it’s amazing. Watch it.

9. Watch Operation Proposal


(Image source:

The plot of the story may be a bit weird at first but when you watch the whole series, you’ll fall in love with the show, I promise. I cried in this show and I continue to watch and rewatch it any chance I get.

10. Watch Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Mario Maurer, fjdskf)


(Image source:

There may be a lot of loopholes in the story buuuuuut I still love Mario Maurer. Although I bet most Filipinos have already seen this film, those who haven’t NEED to watch it, too. It’s cute and chill and funny and romantic. Besides, if the movie sucks at least you’ll have Mario Maurer to swoon over. You’re welcome.

11. Watch the music video of Style (Taylor Swift) followed by Perfect (One Direction) and dwell on how hot bad boys are but at the same time, reminding yourself that you can’t date them.


(Image source:

This might be a bit weird but I love watching Style and Perfect consecutively just because I can’t get enough of Haylor and I’m not even a fan of One Direction. It just gives me a tingly feeling to witness a certain love story unfold in front of my eyes. You get the picture.

12. Read In 27 Days on WattPad (HonorInTheRain)


(Image source:

It’s not cliche, it’s funny and it’s dramatic.

13. Read I Sold Myself To The Devil For Vinyls.. Pitiful, I Know on WattPad (DarknessAndLight)

(image source:

This Wattpad story was suggested by a friend of mine years ago and I haven’t stopped loving it ever since. This story, despite its length, will make you want to crawl and live under a rock with Patrick Star because Blake freaking Eaton is the man of every woman’s dream.

14. Read Why We Broke Up by Daniel Handler


(image source:

Read this if you need a friendly reminder that the world is evil and true love does not exist. I fell in love with Ed…….. but I realized that we all have our own Ed Slaterton and we fall in love with them, too. Even when we know we shouldn’t.

15. Watch Annie Hall and (500) Days of Summer

(image source:;

Annie Hall is an old film suggested to me by my sister Gail a few weeks ago. It has this (500) Days of Summer vibe but it is cute in its own way. I fell in love with Elvie (although Woody Allen is a pedo) just as I fell in love with Tom in (500) Days of Summer. These two films are the movies you need to wake up and live in the realities of the world.

16. Watch Flipped


(image source:

FLIPPED IS the cutest film I have ever seen in this lifetime. It’s so cute and romantic and funny and absolutely breathtaking. You’ll fall in love with this movie’s simplicity yet it’s sweet and so heartfelt. I recommend reading the book, too because I have.

17. Watch WongFu videos on YouTube


(Image source:

If you don’t know what WongFu Productions is, google it and check it out on YouTube. They make really cool romantic short films. If you’re looking for a kilig video to watch without wasting a lot of time, these videos are for you. My top favorites include Take It Slow, The Last, Single By Thirty and Away We Happened (web series).

So that’s all there is to this list. I hope this helps you get through your loneliness and boredom. And yeah, there are 17 things because I’m 17. Have a great weekend!

#BookwormProblems: “Is this a pigment of my imagination or is this real life?”

Eye bags so big and black people could almost accuse you of being a druggie. Life so dull all you really want is to not exist. Dreams so far away you’re just absolutely certain your life is going nowhere.


Such is the reality that meets a reader who has just finished the last word of the last sentence of the last page of the last book he or she just read.

Harry Potter has finally killed Voldemort by destroying all of the horcruxes (including himself).
Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky have finally gotten back together.
Mr. Rochester finally fulfilled happiness in his life by being with Jane (although blind).
The Little Prince has finally gone back to his planet (even though I suspect he was tricked by that snake).
Sayuri finally had everything she ever wanted: The Chairman.

What else is there to do with your life after seeing the words, “THE END,” glaring at you in bold letters? Nothing.

At least, that’s entirely true in my case. I am so in love with books they basically make up my entire life. Books are everything for a reader like me. We read and read and read and read all the time that we forget that we are actually ourselves first before we become readers. This is actually a major problem of mine right now.

Summer has just ended in my country which means, leisure reading time is also over for me. The things is, I have read so many books the past break which brought me back again to my biggest personal issue: identity crisis.

As a reader, my imagination sweeps me off the ground and often drags my soul off to a life that is so different from the life that I live. My brain takes me to the places I have never been to, to the times I did not get the chance to exist in, to the lives I never got the chance to live as. It is almost as if the life I live is the fictional one and the life I longed for were real and not made up.

Once again, I am in that point in my life where I am no longer certain whether I am speaking and thinking as myself or as some character I picked up somewhere. It’s crazy (and unfortunately, a hopeless case) enough to make me question whether I am normal or not sometimes – and I certainly hope I am. But as reality now sweeps its way back into my life, I cannot help but force myself to keep my hold onto the fictional life I have created for myself.

The thing is, books always impart a piece of themselves to a reader, whether it is welcome or not. They leave marks of themselves upon the hearts of the people who treasure them and in that way, they start to exist in the world as well. Once you have read a certain book, it is now alive in you in such a way that it will always will, whether it be in your conscious, sub-conscious or unconscious mind.

But I guess as the end of the pages we’ve read come to an end, we must also learn to end our fantasies and face our real world with real problems and real people to love. Maybe you’ve learned a thing or two from that fictional book you’ve read but that doesn’t mean you should live in it forever.

As readers, our main job is to analyze the text and internalize every word to acquire as many lessons as we possibly can from the piece of art. Maybe we can get carried away and escape to it sometimes but we should always choose the reality in front of us.

I’m a reader.. Are you?

What It Really Means To Let Things Go

Do you ever get that nagging feeling deep within your chest when it almost seems like a living organism is pulling your heart-pumping muscle down to your stomach?

Well, I do.

I would like to believe that it is simply caused by a common illness or a curable disease but, oftentimes, it isn’t.

When you look back into the fourth dimension of space which, in simple words, is time (according to H.G. Wells of The Time Machine) .. do you look back with joy or with sadness? With gratitude or regret? With smiles and hugs and sunshine or with tears and scars and pain?

Personally, I normally experience both. But the nagging feeling I have aforementioned comes if and only if I am looking back using the I-should-have and what-could-have-been lenses of my brain.

Don’t we all?

In the midst of living life as it is, don’t we all suddenly recall past events and past people which and whom we could have treated better? Don’t we all experience feeling so much regret for letting them leave your life without them knowing that you cared for them as much as you really did?

There are several past events in my life which decided to crawl back into my deepest thoughts and made me feel the pressure of regret today which is too huge a quantity, not even measurable by atm, mmHg or Pascal.

I’d rather not go into details but in summary, they’re just people who have been a part of my existence. Whether they walked out of my life, I walked out of theirs , or they have gone into the afterlife, these people include those whom I had grown to love as much as I could, people who were so close to being my sisters, people whom I’ve neglected at some point, but mainly they’re just people who are no longer in my life as of now – they’re the people who have been haunting me recently.

While I was in the midst of contemplating about them, I learned that the only thing permanent in this world is change and that it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

I guess my mind is once more clouded with billions of I-could-haves but then again, I believe it’s inevitable to feel that way. I do regret not showing them I cared for them as much as I did and I do hope that when I get the chance to give all the love they’ve given me back, I certainly would.

But as I think about it now, it seems clear that there was a reason for their goodbyes, whether they were given or not. These people, however valuable, served their purpose in my life and I sure hope that I served mine in theirs. Maybe, just maybe, we were not coplanar intersecting lines after all and maybe someday the infinitely many points in our existence would find their way to meet again but despite that, as of the moment, it’s important to just let all of my attachments go.

Sometimes we meet people we learn to love so freaking much and it is so difficult to believe that letting them go is a way of showing them that we love them, most especially if they’re also unwilling to leave but then it actually is. When we free them and let them fly into wherever they should be, we accept the fact that they will become better people – wiser, stronger and a thousand times more beautiful – even if we would not be in the picture.

By letting them go despite the difficulties of moving on, we are also letting them know that we’re allowing them to grow into something more than who they are now.

I guess we can just embrace the fact that at the very least, we contributed one molecule of experience in order for them to be molded into better people. At least, we got to meet them and at least we were graced by their presence and their wisdom at one point in our lives.

I know that it would not be easy and sometimes (or most times), it seems impossible to let things flow as they should but it isn’t. It will take millions of tears and Sam Smith songs accompanied by romantic films or countless chick flicks but you’ll eventually get there.

I hope someday, we all learn to let go of our past and set ourselves free from its hold or rather, we finally stop holding on to our countless scenarios of what could have happened if they had not gone. Yes, Elsa of Frozen was right: we should definitely let it go.